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2021 Criminal Law Manual
2021 Criminal Law Manual EBOOK: $25.99
The authoritative breakdown of Massachusetts criminal offenses - including elements, rights of arrest, penalties and court decisions. Vital for the street! Stay current in all key areas: violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment, contraband, narcotics and alcohol, public order, theft & property, animal protection and public integrity.
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2021 Procedure Manual

2021 Procedure Manual EBOOK: $25.99
Clearly explains the complexities of criminal procedure, including constitutional principles and court decisions. Comprehensive coverage in the four major areas: seizures, searches, interrogations & identifications.
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2021 Motor Vehicle Manual

2021 Motor Vehicle Manual EBOOK: $17.99
Covers offenses and rights of arrest. Includes valuable "Cruiser Index." Thoroughly covers key areas of citations, operators, suspensions, specialized vehicles, improper operation and more. Also Top 30 Transgressions and SFST charts.
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2021 Juvenile Law Manual

2021 Juvenile Law Manual EBOOK: $15.99
The trusted source on youth and the law. Key coverage includes mandatory reporting, CRA, at risk youth, school issues, diversion, and juvenile court jurisdiction and arrest powers. A must-have guide for school resource officers and school administrators.
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2021 Quick Stop Field Guide
2021 Quick Stop Field Guide EBOOK: $9.99
Our ever popular field guide has motor vehicle, criminal law, and procedure arranged alphabetically with critical information.
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