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2018 Criminal Law Manual
A cop's catalogue of Massachusetts crimes – including elements of offenses, rights of arrest, potential penalties, and related court decisions.

Part #: 14073
2018 Procedure Manual
The comprehensive law enforcement reference on Massachusetts criminal procedure – including constitutional principles and court decisions on encounters, stop and frisk, arrests, searches, electronic evidence, interrogations and identifications.

Part #: 14074
2018 Motor Vehicle Manual
Perfect for your cruiser bag! Easy access index, top 30 offenses, SFST chart, dealer plates, OTE, drones and much more!

Part #: 14075
2018 Juvenile Law Manual
The invaluable reference for Massachusetts juvenile law features CRA, school searches, AMBER alert, bullying, human trafficking, booking procedures, juvenile Miranda, and much more.

Part #: 14076
2018 Drug Cases Manual
Narcotics officers love this manual! With our CD containing warrant language, your affidavit is ready within the hour! New April drug laws included.

Part #: 14077
2018 Quick Stop
Our ever popular field guide has motor vehicle, criminal law and procedure arranged alphabetically with critical information.

Easy access MV fines, rights of arrest, and Miranda/Show up ID card included!

Part #: 14078
Fab Four 2018
Our tried and true, best value package of law, procedure, motor vehicle and juvenile manuals. Save over $30!

Part #: FF2018
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