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2018 Mega Law Power – AUDIO
Missed our Mega Lotta Law live course in June? Studying for that upcoming exam? Just wanting to better understand criminal law, procedure, MV law and juvenile for the street? Don’t worry! You get over 19 hours of live coverage on these 4 law topics.

Part #: 14085
2018 Procedure Power - AUDIO
Missed the live three day class in June 2018? Don’t worry! Master criminal procedure with the expert guidance of Attorney John Scheft. You get 16 hours of terrific lecture on LED's 2018 Procedure Manual. Great exam prep and awesome for the street too! ATTENTION HRD EXAM CANDIDATES:
Unlike in recent prior years, the 2018 Mega Law Power audio covers criminal procedure (approx. 6 hours) for exam preparation.

Part #: 14084
2018 MSP LT Prep: Administrative Course - AUDIO
Couldn't attend the live class in July? We have it all here on CD - but for the hot lunch! The essential promotion companion covering the management texts and MSP admin materials!

Part #: 14086
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