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2018 Mega Law Power – AUDIO
Missed our Mega Lotta Law live course in June? Studying for that upcoming exam? Just wanting to better understand criminal law, procedure, MV law and juvenile for the street? Don’t worry! You get over 19 hours of live coverage on these 4 law topics.

Part #: 14085
2018 Criminal Law Manual
A cop's catalogue of Massachusetts crimes – including elements of offenses, rights of arrest, potential penalties, and related court decisions.

Part #: 14073
2018 Procedure Manual
The comprehensive law enforcement reference on Massachusetts criminal procedure – including constitutional principles and court decisions on encounters, stop and frisk, arrests, searches, electronic evidence, interrogations and identifications.

Part #: 14074
2018 Motor Vehicle Manual
Perfect for your cruiser bag! Easy access index, top 30 offenses, SFST chart, dealer plates, OTE, drones and much more!

Part #: 14075
2018 Juvenile Law Manual
The invaluable reference for Massachusetts juvenile law features CRA, school searches, AMBER alert, bullying, human trafficking, booking procedures, juvenile Miranda, and much more.

Part #: 14076
2018 Drug Cases Manual
Narcotics officers love this manual! With our CD containing warrant language, your affidavit is ready within the hour! New April drug laws included.

Part #: 14077
2018 Quick Stop
Our ever popular field guide has motor vehicle, criminal law and procedure arranged alphabetically with critical information.

Easy access MV fines, rights of arrest, and Miranda/Show up ID card included!

Part #: 14078
2018 Criminal Law Q Book
Our ever popular Criminal Law question book is full of practice questions on every chapter to support your learning.

Contains 1,122 questions.

Part #: 14079
2018 Procedure Q Book
This question book will help you master the intricacies of criminal procedure.

Contains 1,152 questions.

Part #: 14080
2018 Motor Vehicle Q Book
Drive home Chapter 90! Our study questions round every corner of the Motor Vehicle Manual for you.

Contains 964 questions.

Part #: 14081
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