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2019 Juvenile Law Manual
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The invaluable reference for Massachusetts juvenile law features CRA, school searches, AMBER alert, bullying, secure and non-secure detention, and much more.

Our trusty companion for juvenile issues of concern to Massachusetts law enforcement. Perfect for OICs, detectives, SROs, and other officers. Up-to-date information on:
  • CRA
  • Mandatory reporting
  • Human trafficking
  • Child endangerment and enticement
  • Sex offenders
  • Missing children/AMBER alert
  • School attendance and searches
  • MOUs and SROs
  • Bullying
  • Miranda warnings for juveniles
  • Secure and non-secure detentions
  • Juvenile court jurisdiction and arrest powers
  • Diversion
340 pages in this manual.

ISBN 978-1-944630-11-9