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2021 Civil Service Promotional Q Book
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Civil Service Practice Question Extravaganza!

Full coverage on:
  • Police Administration, 9th ed.
  • Community Policing, 8th ed.
  • Criminal Investigation, 12th ed.
  • Effective Supervision, 9th ed. (Sgt. only)
  • Iannone’s Supervision, 9th ed. (Lt. & Capt. only)
You receive:
  • 2,000 questions on your 4 assigned management textbooks
  • Question diagnosis to aid your study
  • Exam tips for game day!
  • New editions dissected – you’re up to date!
  • Page references for easy look-ups
Hey, listen up! 😊
LED also offers terrific audio lectures on every management textbook and (by July 1) on the 4 law topics! Visit audios.ledimensions.com.
526 pages